Q. What is the ‘Living Wage’ definition?
A. $15/hour, or the equivalent that includes benefits like health insurance that an employer may be subsidizing, for all adults (aged 18 years or older).

Q. How is the Monadnock Region doing in terms of meeting Living Wage requirements?
A. In the Monadnock Region, 29% of households make less than $25,000 per year. This wage equates to a full-time worker earning $12/hr. Today, 40% of Monadnock region workers make less than a living wage at their jobs.

Q. How can businesses afford to offer living wages?
A. Use our online Living Wage Calculator to review and determine cost elements in delivering a living wage program at your business.

Q. What are the benefits of a living wage?
A. There are many, including:

  • Living wages improve the health of employees and reduce related medical costs
  • Raising wages benefits both employers and employees, contributing to success and growth
  • Living wages has a positive impact on employer recruitment and retention
  • Living wages create a positive brand perception for employers, clients and partners alike
  • Living wages stimulate the local economy
  • New Hampshire residents seek an economy with higher wages

Q. I’m a small business owner. How do I become involved with the Living Wage efforts?
A. Visit the Become Involved section of this website for ways to engage with this important work.

Q. How does the coalition support employers who sign onto the campaign?
A. In addition to this website and it’s resources, our group also:

  • Shares tools, materials, and peer learning opportunities for implementation success.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in Hannah Grimes Center workshops, seminar, and events for continued education and resources.
  • Recognition and celebration opportunities including publicity about each organization’s journey toward a living wage shared with local, state and national news and media outlets.

Q. Who’s already offering a Living Wage?
A. Visit our Living Wage Employers page for a current list.